2024 IQ Contest…

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  • In April, you could vie to obtain between N200,000 and N500,000 to fund your personal aspirations as Langley Torrent will be supporting a few individuals via the Skusat Entrepreneurial Foundation program.

    The first 10 individuals to register below today, will be rewarded with N10,000 cash.

    Our program is structured to test intelligence and reward brilliance through an online assessment which will be taken remotely using any internet enabled device.

    The grant value an individual can obtain will be determined strictly by merit.

    • Submit the required details in the form herein to receive an application number within 24hrs.
    • Once shortlisted for induction into the S.E.F program, an eligibility confirmation SMS will be sent to you on the 26th of April.
    • Shortlisted individuals will participate in an Entrepreneurial online assessment on the same day.

    The assessment will be comprised of 15 questions and successful applicants will receive a grant from the Skusat Entrepreneurial Foundation program on Wednesday, 8th of May.


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