Registration Guidelines & FAQ

  • Frequently Asked Questions

  • How Credible is the Skusat Program?

    The Skusat Program is being geared by an intellectual board with astute oversight and unparalleled dedication to community initiatives focused solely on youth empowerment.

    • Langley

    • This reward project is widely recognised as the forerunner of cloud based assessment in Nigeria as curled from several press publications in leading national dailies.

      The Skusat program prides itself of a timely grant disbursement and remote process management.

    What does the Live Test portal look like?

    To familiarize yourself with the interface of the Live Test portal, kindly visit

    Who Can Apply For The Skusat Program?

    The ongoing Skusat Aspire Campaign is an all-access contest for individuals between ages 16 and 28. However, foreign nationals and expatriates are not eligible to apply.

    Where Will The Skusat Examination Hold?

    The Skusat examination will be taken on the web portal under the LIVE TEST page. is an automated platform that has been integrated with an advanced testing and scoring application which depicts the fairness and transparency associated with how applicants are been graded.

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01. How Do I Apply?

You may enrol by visiting to begin your registration.

02. What Are The Eligibility Requirements For The Program?

  • AGE – Applicants must not be below age 16 to participate in the CBT program. This implies that applicants below age 16 are not eligible to apply.
  • NATIONALITY – Every applying student must be a citizen of Nigeria.
  • DOCUMENTATION – Applicants must possess any of the listed verification documents which would enable a viable clarification of age for reward presentation.
  • PROXIMITY TO MOBILE INTERNET – The Skusat platform has been integrated with an automated interface which supports real-time data processing and scoring. And as such, the Pre-test (Practice questions) and Live-Test (Main test) examination would be taken on the platform via an internet enabled device. Prospective students with no access to internet service are advised to get an internet enabled device as the testing and scoring process would be 100% automated.

03. What Is The Amount For The Reward?

Successful applicants will be rewarded strictly based on the scores obtained from a contest. This could range from N300,000 to N20,000.  However, the requirements for each tier would be explicitly stated on the registration page for clarity and transparency sake.

04. What Questions Will I Be Required To Answer?

Applicants will be provided with 30 intuitive and logical questions spanning from various fields. However, every applicant can take a Pre-Test online.

The Pre-test has been designed to expose applicants to the frame and structure of the Live Test.

05. How Do I Take A Pre-Test?

To access the Pre-Test interface, kindly click here.