Skusat Entrepreneurial Foundation…

The (SEF) program offers a wealth of knowledge and resources for young entrepreneurs intending to start up or grow their own business. Our funding and mentorship slate encompasses writing business plans, providing funding for your firm, and networking with other entrepreneurs.

The Skusat funding can only support small businesses and non-profits at this time. However, the key to accessing this program is knowing if a mild grant will provide the best fit for your organization and upcoming projects.

Generally, grant applicants miss out on their true funding potential because they are unaware of the scope of funds available, but this doesn’t have to be the case under our purview. Aspiring business leaders are duly informed of the funding cap available for every season.

The Skusat Entrepreneurial Foundation program has specific and unique eligibility criteria that you should review prior to applying to ensure your business and projects are eligible. A few of them are highlighted below:


    • Be specifically targeted to enable active participation in the digital and knowledge-based economy.


    • Perform collaborative research and infuse development components.


    • Economic development and community capacity building.


    • Early adoption or adaptation of innovative technologies and processes.


    • Environmental sustainability.


    • Third party market research and competitive analysis.


    • Establishing the solution’s merit, innovation, and impact.