2021 Academic Reward Season…

This is another year and a great chance to obtain a cash grant for your personal & developmental needs in the 2021 Skusat CBT Contest.

You could get rewarded with as much as N300,000 by simply participating in an online IQ assessment session which has been scheduled to hold on the 24th of April.


The first 15 individuals to register below today, will be rewarded with N10,000 cash. This consideration is intended as relief to individuals keeping safe due to the COVID 19 pandemic. T&C applies.

Feel free to use your mobile phones, PC or tablets to partake in this program from any location (the Live Test will be remotely monitored via your IP address).

The Live Test (online IQ assessment test) will consist of 20 questions from various academic spheres and successful participants therein will be rewarded on the 7th of May.

Only a few individuals will be shortlisted to participate in this program. Therefore, individuals are advised to review details properly during registration. 

Kindly observe the information below before proceeding:


  • Foreign nationals and expatriates are not eligible to apply for this program.
  • Applying multiple times is grounds for disqualification..

The information you provide below will determine your eligibility for the program. Eligible/Shortlisted applicants will be prompted via SMS on the 24th of April.

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