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  • In a bid to further streamline our community initiatives to foster the development of young and aspiring entrepreneurs in the Nigerian society, we have deemed it fit to launch the “#Project_Visible” initiative which would enable members of our community take advantage of the exclusive benefit of making their ideas visible in the digital space.

    Sequel to our long-standing partnership with Tapeam Incorporated; an online media platform that supports the distribution of creative works and networking opportunities for skilled individuals across Africa. The #Project_Visible initiative seeks to empower members of our audience by granting them access to the resourcery of Tapeam Inc. This implies that young and aspiring entrepreneurs who believe all they need to leverage their creative ideas and concept is either a very secured and personalized website or a proactive mobile App, will be acquainted with the professional team of Tapeam Inc to make their dreams come alive while we incur 80% of the engagement cost.

    As covered by the renowned Nigerian media platform “BusinessDay”, you can view the details of our MOU with Tapeam Inc by clicking the image below:


    To take advantage of this opportunity, please log your details below: