Golden Pick

Rewarding The Act Of Kindness…

We are excited to announce a beneficial twist in the mid-year bounty. In light of new donations from a few corporate sponsors, we are making strides to ensure everyone leaves with a smile.

While items will be approved based on your selection, there is also a possibility of allotting gifts sequel to availability as we tend to have some items in larger quantities.

One of our sponsors have made a generous donation of N1,500,000 to buffer our effort and we deem it fit to share this in tranches of N25,000 to 60 individuals.

To vie for this, you need to show an act of kindness to a neighbour or someone in your circle by following the instructions below:


  • Get them to select any gift of their choice at
  • Once they receive an authentication ID after 24hrs, collect same and fill out the form herein.
  • In the form below, endeavour to tell us why you’re doing this for them and how it will impact them positively.

We hope to connect to your story as that will be a major determinant of making the golden pick,


Golden Pick

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