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Acknowledgement Slip…

In light of your passcode purchase, a set of numeric keys will be dispatched to your mobile line on the 9th of October before 7pm. This will enable you complete the form input in a bid to generate your test scores.

However, our bursary unit will be confirming every account detail of successful beneficiaries from this program before proceeding to initiate disbursement. You are advised to kindly ensure your name tallies with the name on the bank information to be provided.

Sequel to past events bordering around fictitious claims:

  • The provision of account details of family & friends will not be acceptable for disbursements.
  • Our virtual assessment unit will be mailing an acknowledgement slip to beneficiaries. This “pdf” document will certify and authenticate your test scores and other key details.
  • The slip will be sent via a secure email encryption & routing service hosted by Primmer to curb email interceptions as claimed by some beneficiaries in the past.

Our bursary team will require you to provide certain information on the acknowledgement slip for verification during the call to confirm your bank details.

Endeavour to get a Primmer email routing address for this purpose before Wednesday, 11th of October and submit same to us via the form below.


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The use of a Primmer email router is not limited to us. This can also be adopted for your enhanced security & protection while engaging with other websites.


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